Thursday, December 20, 2012

Why did India lose a test series at home after 8 years?

The test series between India vs England started on 15th November and ended on 17th December. So, after a very intense battle between two teams for 1 month & 2days , England won the 4 match Test Series 2-1. Indian fans were very dissapointed after seeing the outcome of this series as it was said to be the 'Revenge Series' because India lost 4-0 to England in 2011.

Things got very intense in the Nagpur Test
Many Questions have been raised about the Indian Team , Captain and Coach. Some people have also been saying that BCCI and Selectors are not taking right steps and are not looking forward to make India a good Test Team.I will try to answer some questions which are being raised after India have a lost a Test Series at home after 8 years.

Q 1. Did the Captain's decision making cost India the Test Series?

Ans: MS Dhoni asked for spinning tracks even after winning the 1st match at Ahmedabad because he had the confidence that English batsmen will struggle against the spin and Indian batsmen will play spin well but Indian batsmen failed twice in a row at Mumbai and Kolkata. In the last Test Match at Nagpur Captain himself  had to take the burden of taking India to a safe postion and Kohli also helped him by staying at the crease & scoring a brilliant century. So, If we only blame the captain for the loss , it would be very harsh on him. MS Dhoni also played 3 spinners on two occasions which was also criticised by many. 1st occasion was the Mumbai Test where the ball was spinning but our spinners failed to take wickets. No doubt , Cook and Pietersen played well but what happened to our spinners. Ojha and Ashwin donot have that much experience of playing Test Matches at International Level but Harbhajan Singh also didnot take wickets of top order batsmen of England Team when it was needed the most. So, it can be said that Captain Dhoni had made plans but it could not be executed well.

Q 2. Why did the Indian Openers didnot bat well and rest of the batting line up also failed under pressure?

Ans: Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir have been opening the batting at test level for a very long time for India but it has to be said that India losing test series abroad and at home has been largely due to their failure of not making a good opening partnership. It is high time that selectors should look for another good opening pair for India and i think Rahane will be the best Option to try with Sehwag. Gautam Gambhir in this series scored some scores of 40 and 60 but never went on to make a big score which was really very dissapointing and i think after getting settled on the crease he sometimes looked a bit over confident and a bit impatient also. Sehwag's inconsistency with the bat is a major worry for the Indian Team.

If we see the performance of the batting in the middle order which was also not good. Sachin Tendulkar scored a good knock of 76 Runs in the 3rd Test Match but in all the other innings he failed. People have again started raising questions about his retirement but i am sure that sachin will analyse his own perfomance in this series and will take appropriate decision on whether he wants to continue playing or not.

Pujara scored a double hundred in the 1st test match but didnot play well in the next 3 Test Matches. Kohli didnot score well in the 1st 3 Test Matches but he played an unbelieveable knock in the Nagpur Test as he played sensibly on a slow pitch and took his time to score runs which helped him to get to his 2nd Test Century. Pujara and Kohli are very good young talent and they should be given more opportunities because they will improve with experience.

Yuvraj Singh was not able to play spin well under pressure and i think it is because his defence is not that good . So, when good quality spinners are bowling and Yuvraj wants to stay on the crease , he is not successful as he is not able to defend for a long time.

MS Dhoni played a great knock of 99 Runs in the 4th Test and showed us his other side of the game where he didnot go for the big strokes and played for consolidating at the crease. He didnot do that well with the bat in the 1st 3 Test Matches.

So if we summarise the batting of the middle order in this series. The main worry is that they didnot perform well together in an innings. If 1 batsman played well , the others failed which clearly showed us that why Indians were not able to make big partnership which is very important to win a test match.

Q 3. What is Coach Duncan Fletcher doing?

Ans- Indian Team Coach has also come under criticism because after he has been given the post of the coach , India's performance has declined and the main worry is Indian Team is losing many test matches. I think Coach is not doing his job in a good manner . He should be making some alternate game plans when team is not doing well and when we see the body language of Team India we see the aggression missing which we saw in the 2011 world cup and before that and it was due to coach gary kirsten as he motivated the team well. So , Time has come to change the coach. He is clearly not doing his work for which he has been assigned by the BCCI.

 There are also many other questions that people are asking but i have just tried to answer some main topics. After losing this test series , i am sure the BCCI , Selectors and the players will take test matches seriously. Players will know that it is not that easy to win a test match against a good quality side even if you are playing at Home.

So, I am very Sure that MS Dhoni and his team will bounce back in the test series vs Australia in February. They are also playing T20's and ODI's vs England and Pakistan in the coming days. We know that performance of Team India is very good when it comes to ODI's and T20's .If India wins the majority of those matches then i am sure they will take that confidence in the test series vs Australia.


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