Saturday, May 16, 2015

Playing sports makes life easy

I'm blogging about why children should be encouraged to participate in sports from an early age for the #chotaSportstar activity at

From long there has been a saying that if one studies more he/she becomes a rich & successful person and if plays more then becomes a waste person. I totally disagree to this. I feel that playing sports from an early age helps in enhancing one's personality & improving self confidence which is very important in every stage of life in order to achieve success. I also believe that the never say die spirit can only be inculcated by playing sports regularly as it teaches us to do better every single day in any situation. 

Now a days i see kids being mostly indoors & staying glued to their computer or TV sets. During my childhood days i used to play a lot of sports. Cricket was my favourite one. In fact in my school a play class was held twice a week for an hour. I used to get very excited when those classes were held. It gave me freedom to express myself. I still remember that in fifth standard i used to practice spin bowling at home a day before the play class so that i can bowl well the next day at school. Mimicking my favourite cricketers batting & bowling style gave me immense joy & satisfaction as a kid. Sometimes i also played football & did goalkeeping. My good goalkeeping skills helped me in increasing my friends. Some students who did not used to interact with me were now very friendly as they saw me play well.

Once our sports teacher gave us a challenge while playing cricket. He allowed the whole class to bat one by one & he bowled but there was a rule that if anyone misses 3 consecutive deliveries bowled by him then he would be adjudged out. I scored 25 runs that day & it boosted my self confidence a lot. This newly found self confidence helped me score well in the final exams held a week later.

I also played cricket in the evenings at a playground nearby my home. My close friends used to gather there to have fun. With fun we also learnt how to work in a group & help each other. If my friend used to score a hundred i used to be extremely happy as he helped my team win.

Another very important thing sports teaches us is discipline. Every sport has a set of rules just like life & we can't break them. If it is broken then we are considered losers.

Sports tells us that we should never stop learning & always keep correcting ourselves to become a better person. A professional player always works hard to be at the top of his game.

No doubt that playing regular sports helps in keeping the body fit. With an intelligent mind a healthy body is also required. Playing sports helps in achieving that.

At last i would like to say that from a small age everyone should play sports irrespective of whether he/she goes on to become a professional player or not later in his life because the teachings & learnings one gets while playing sports will surely help him/her in doing well in any field in which he/she choses to work on. Playing sports acts like a catalyst in life as it helps an individual to be at its best in whatever he/she does in any part of the world.